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ISO 9001:2008 Certification .

Dangerous Goods Licence

Description for Dangerous Goods Licence

we are now fully certified by the UAE GCAA(General Civil Aviation Authority) to handle Dangerous Goods in compliance with IATA DGR. Certificate no:DG282(attached)
Our licensed DG specialists offer comprehensive and efficient solutions for all hazardous airfreight requirements across the UAE. Please go ahead and circulate to all our clients.
FYI:As per IATA rules and regulations, all shipments accepted should be thoroughly checked for hidden dangerous goods especially in spare parts, computer accessories, Batteries, liquids, powders, chemicals, beauty products etc declared as Non DG ( all Non Dg to be handed over with MSDS proving Non DG and Non Dg letter) and correct declarations of DG if any . As the rules are now strictly taken by GCAA due to some incidents recently, If any mis declaration is found , not only the shipments will be on hold /confiscated and fined but the licenses of the agents and concerned companies engaged in production and distribution are getting suspended along with heavy penalty. This is to ensure safe transportation of goods and security to passengers in the flights.
Therefore it is requested to advise all concerned, including suppliers, warehouse staff , 3PL , documentation team , packing, marking and labelling team to go through trainings required for dealing with Dangerous Goods and to ensure that packing/palletizing, marking & labelling are done according to DG regulations.
We will be able to guide all our customers for the requirements , with the support of our DG staff, if any supplier has doubt on hidden dangerous goods or Dangerous goods. We would like all our customers to strictly abide to these rules and to avoid any delays/fines or cancellation of licenses.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification