Honouring the priceless works of art with art logistics

Bridgeway Fine Art – a subsidiary of the Bridgeway Group of Companies – is involved in the business of art logistics. Given the increasing significance of art works across the globe, Bridgeway's exclusive art logistics entity is quite in-keeping with the times. While freight management of art works can be a regular fare, a dedicated art logistics freight management system is better positioned to carefully handle and honour the priceless works of art.

Guided by the need for professional handling of art, Bridgeway provides services in a manner that suits the specific requirements of artists, galleries, museums and private collectors.

Our project cargo capabilities include:

  • Packing/ crating of fine art works with a professional team
  • Gallery services
  • Museum services
  • Installation and De-Installation services
  • Sculpture positioning
  • Art exhibitions
  • Warehousing
  • Arranging or assisting in documentation for global movement of shipments
  • Customs clearance
  • Local and regional delivery
  • Climate controlled storage